Shadow on solar panels

Dear all I have installed 5kw VMIII inverter with 10 panels of 270 watt but it starts generating watts at 7 O clock in the morning and stops generating watts at 6 O clock in the evening is it behaving normal although on inverter solar panel logo starts appearing at 5 O clock in the morning and remains appearing at 7.30 in the evening.

In evening hours in first row middle panel gives shadow on one panel I have total three rows of panels
is this shadow is the reason of late generation in the morning and early finish in the evening or there is some other reason VOC of inverter is 120-500 while I have 10 panel of 270 and each panel has VOC of 35.8 of Jinko brand
Please guide me what should I do to optimize my system


Power generation is negligible in early morning light because it is not sufficient to take load. As soon as load will be applied, the voltage will sink. Only when sufficient number of photons are falling on the panel (sun being at appropriate angle) will the panels generate adequate power.

In terms of an analogy, think of it as an image on an LCD (not wide-view one) when viewed from the extreme sides. Until you have a sufficiently perpendicular viewing angle to the LCD, the image will not be clear.

Asad sahib thank you very much for your reply. Your reply is comprehensive. As I am new and beginner in Solar world can you please guide me that my system starts generating power at 6.45 in the morning from 10 Watt and then gradually starts rising up and by 8 it exceeds 1000 watt and in the evening by 4 O clock it starts reducing watts and by 5.45 it goes to zero while sun is there by till 7.15 and solar connection logo remains there on LCd is this normal behavior or there is some room for improvement in morning and evening hours both.

You may need to adjust the angle and direction of your solar panels depending on prevalent path of the sun.


how is your experience with Jinko? are they reliable?from whom you purchased?

Jinko is good but I think Trina is excellent I had purchased from Henergy in Lalazar in this summer 7 panels of 270 watt previously I had three panels of Trina they were still better despite of the fact they were one year old at the time I installed Jinko.
So my preference would be Trina.