Setting guest wifi account on Tenda W150D-U


I have PTCL's Tenda Wifi modem Model 150D-U at home. I want to set up a guest account in it but can't find any such option in the configuration page. Is there any such option in this modem? Any help will be apppreciated.

in w150d no guest account option is available ....... :rolleyes:

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in w150d no guest account option is available ....... :rolleyes:


Yes, Muhammad Ahmed saying right that W150D has no option for Guest Account


In fact, if you are willing to 'upgrade' the firmware, the W150D has the guest ssid option with client isolation! To see how I upgraded my router's firmware, please see this:

Note: Please read carefully before proceeding!



I don't find the option to change the DNS address with the said address, can anybody guide please how to do it?