Server not responding


I am facing a problem for several months.

I use wateen wifi services on computer. Whenever i start using internet, after every 10, 15 minutes, pages does not open and after loading for a long time, it says, " can't open the page because the server where the page is located in not responding" or sometimes " u are not connected to the internet".

The icon shows that internet is connected and signal strenght is also normal.

The same situation holds for 10, 15 minutes, after that the problem resolves. but again occurs after sometime and so on.

Other devices using these wife signals like mobile, laptop also does not open any page during this inactive state and say

"no service available" .

I want to know is this problem from ISP? As if problem is in compurter, then mobiles etc. should continue services.


I have found solution to this problem.

My Antivirus software secured the DNS by its own DNS and perhaps it was causing problems. As the problem has been resolved after changing the DNS back.