Seniors help me,buying Digital satellite receiver,c line,dish!


I want to buy digital satellite receiver,dish to watch english channels For (mostly Dramas and sports).

I am so frustrated in models companies and don't know what to buy.

Kindly tell me which is the best HD receiver to watch as max/much as possible english drama and sports channels.

2.tell me about best cline server (who provide max satellites).

3.i know these things can go in hundreds of thousand.I want system in reasonable price. (Not cheap,not expensive).

Those who are using cline must share your experience with it,how many channels you are getting and all.

Thanks in advance.

Why not simply go and check out


Nayatel (depending on your area)

or worldcall first.?

they are cheap

otherwise, try hot bird, its not exactly legal, and you may need multiple dishes or a rotating one.


These services aren't available in our city.

I've decided to buy startrack 2020hd plus.

Can you tell me about cline in detail i mean how are packages,are they actually unscramble all channels?

Also how many satellites you can play on a dish at a same time with same alinment,and how can you check that these are at same alinment??

3rd. Which are the best satellite to watch English channels (specially sport??

dear buy dreambox800 HD and use cline

In startrack 2020 hd plus,one can install enigma 2 and use it as dreambox.i think startrack 2020 hd plus is better choice than dreambox...

I may be wrong but that is what i've gathered in these few days.


You can only watch one satellite at one direction with one dish (you can install multiple LNBs on one dish but thats intended for professionals with greater knowledge of satellites position). to watch multiple satellites either you need more than one dish or a motorized dish.

For starters, get a 8 feet dish and point it towards Hotbird (now known as Eutelsat Hotbird 13) depending on your location you can get more than enough good quality entertainment and sports channels if you manage to get good c-line.

Nothing matches dreambox dm800HD. It is addictive.

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