Selling a PS3 (60 Gb with memory card slots !)


Im selling a ps3 60 gb because im thinking of buying an xbox360. It has been repaired a couple of times mainly because of fluctuations and high voltage(damn you WAPDA). But ever since i got it repaired it hasnt given me any trouble and works perfectly fine.

The package includes the power cable and the display cable (the three coloured pin one) and also the box. Im sorry but im not selling any controllers because my cousin needs them but instead ill put in a game with it ( Resistence: Fall of man).

Price is : Rs 15,000 for the whole package. I WILL NOT REDUCE THE PRICE SO PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO BARGAIN.

You can SMS me on : 03444723685

Email :

I prefer if you sms/call me on my mobile rather then email. Thanks