Selling a intel core 2 duo 2.8ghz desktop pc

Hi all,I am from Mirpur(A.K) ,Pakistan and I want to sell my desktop pc for just 19000Rs.It has been used 10 months only.

2gb ram

processor : intel 2.8 core 2 duo

dg31 pr mother board

80 gb sata hard disk

lite on super drive

do the package include a monitor/LCD other accessary coz your demand is on the up side

There is a buy sell section you know ?

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There is a buy sell section you know ?


We are already in buy n sell section.

‘Wake up man,its morning’

hay man now value added tax is added to all electronics.i sell it in very good price.lcd or monitor is not include in system.only cpu

sold or still there ?

Yah pc is still here and I want to sell it as early as possible.

If any body wants then just contact me