Sehat: Pakistan's Premier Online Pharmacy (

A brand new website,, has been launched to cater for medical patients all over Pakistan. Sehat: Pakistan's Premier Online Pharmacy, offers home delivery of medicines to any location in Pakistan. So far, Cash on Delivery has only been implemented for Lahore, but many other payment methods, such as EasyPaisa, Internet Banking, and Credit Card Payment, have been offered for customers.

One can place an order by either logging in to or by calling the toll free helpline at 0800 73428 (0800-SEHAT).

Sehat provides a discount on the majority of its products, and even guarantees temperature sensitive items such as insulin to arrive in a maintained temperature range of 2-8 degrees celcius upon arrival at the doorstep of the customer .

Avail this great opportunity now for a healthier and safer Pakistan.

already there are 2 number medical products are selling in pakistan, and now a online store. cool lets see how that goes.

and its down.


Very naive approach to launch a website prior to completion. It should be 100% up and working otherwise it will lose its charm / impact.

Glad to see online Pharmacy but a long long way for them to make a trust as most of the Pakistanis are not used to this and also afraid of fake Medicines.

Good initiative btw

I like it.

good website although i havent any experience with them..

Think twice before placing an order at (A Review)

For my psychiatric problems I was prescribed for meds which are not readily available even at the renowned drug suppliers So I thought to give it a try at online pharmacy setups in Pakistan

And my quick google searches brought at surface and I placed my order

Well I donot have time to right down details of my horrible experience and a proper review but I will try to summarize things for those who are looking for reviews

  1. Their online system will place order without notifying if the ordered meds are in stock or not and how long it will take to arrange meds if they are on back order

  2. They will demand PMDC number of your psychiatric a ridiculous requirement and your psychiatric will not provide it easily,

  3. They will take at least 15 days to ship your order and that included numerous back and forth calls and heated followups, In my case I actually wasted more in cell phone balance than the total amount of order

  4. If they ship partial order then remaining money will not be returned and you have to wait for your next requirement of meds

  5. If you choose Cash on delivery they will send your meds through a courier called CHEETAY a courier service which also delivers hot meal, in my case I received my meds at 9:30pm placed under a heavy Hot pot which also damaged packaging and at last 4 out of 10 tabs were pop out of its sealed packaging and they were hot

  6. If you place your order again with remaining balance still in your account at they will ask for new nonsense demands for prescription In short they just don’t want to deliver and keep your hard earned money as khairaat.

I wish I had the time to write down all the details of painful experience with clowns at which costed me time, energy, lost money and embarrassment in front of my psychiatric for their stupid demands.

In short behind the curtain of .COM setup and pretending as following strict rules the operators of this setup are actually operating like a typical pathetic angry Desi guy who get his orgasmic pleasures by teasing people for no good reasons at all.

Therefore if you plan to buy meds at their store think twice