Seeking Karachi Best Programming Learning Place

I 've BSC, I am interested in IT, Please suggest a best Learning platform in karachi.

of course there are many universities, institutes and schools in Karachi who teach programming (Aptech, NUST, Computer Collegiate etc) in my personal opinion they are just money making machines for their owners, one can only learn programming if he/she is really interested in it.

And as you are already a BSC, you just need to find resources to learn any programming language, and your best free teacher will be Google and Internet.

Three are three main parts of programming the fundamentals, OOP (object oriented programming), and the last Conceptual part which include documentation/paper work etc.

Many People will tell you that start with C, C++, Java, PHP and such, but what you really need to understand is to learn the basic three parts of anyone programming language once you achieve that , no computer language will be difficult to understand for you.

I will suggest you go for python as it is one of the most easiest programming language there with simplest syntax.

P.S I am not a programmer myself but its just my personal experience, adios senorita

+1 for "they are just money making machines for their owners"

IT is broad, please specify what exactly are you interested in "learning"?