Seeding issue

I am not sure if this is the right forum but here goes...

I have a 1 MB connection and I am trying to seed a torrent from IPtorrent (to maintain ratio),but my upload speed remains somewhere at 0.1-0.8 kB/s.Using utorrent I also notice that I am receiving a yellow triangle (no incoming conection) even though I have performed the port forwarding.

Any solution?Should I change my torrent client port or something?Should I lodge a complaint?

goto bandwidth and set it to higher level or 0 for unlimited

yellow icon means you have installed anti virus or firewall that which may not allowing other users to connect with your utorrent client disable them and then try


My be its your firewall or may be there are no leechers for that file :)

yellow triangle means your firewall is interrupting the incoming connections. so that why you are seeding low speed.

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