Seedbox slots for sale

I just got my new server and i m going to be using it primarily as a seedbox

I offer 4 basic packages:

Rs.300 you get 12 GB HDD space and 5 Mbps bandwidth

Rs.600 you get 25 GB HDD space and 10 Mbps bandwidth

Rs 1100 you get 50 GBB HDD space and 20 Mbps bandwidth

Rs.1800 you get 90 GB HDD space and 40 Mbps bandwidth

All packages come with dedicated bandwidth i.e ur not sharing speed with any one and there is no limitation on the number of torrents u can run at a time further more there is no cap so u can download as much as you like

I do however have 2 rules which you must abide by

!) no torrents from public trackers are allowed only private trackers such as IP torrent torrent leech bw torrents etc

2)no porn is allowed

Those are the only limitaions.

if you would like an invitation to a private tracker i can provide that to. For gettin the seedbox slot contact me at

update: dont want a seedbox but know someone who does? refer them to me and 25% of what they pay to me is yours

Great deal, I have bought a share in the seedbox. :)

Evdo users can take a lot of advantage with seedbox.

PKR2000 account for what duration?

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PKR2000 account for what duration?

A month.

^ correct a month

i also forgot to mention in my post that there is no bandwidth limit and also no limit on the number of torrents u can run


why dont you dedicate a whole website for this to promote? also with more detail about the parent server or are you building your own seedbox server...

^ a whole site wud be a nice idea but not such a great idea when i have just 2 slots

the parent server is a Intel Celeron 1.2GHz+ with a gig of RAM and a 250 GB HDD with a 100 mbit connection

third class server no porn and no public trackers? nice going a person on wcck gave us free seedbox access with better terms then this one ie no terms :)

^ first off the server is not third class sure the processor is not the best thing but for a low end linux distro the processor is fine

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third class server no porn and no public trackers? nice going a person on wcck gave us free seedbox access with better terms then this one ie no terms :)

for a seedbox the processor doesn’t matters much, the thing that matters is the internet connection

What benefits does it give ?

^ well see with a seedbox u add a torrent and then it downloads it for you and since it has a high speed connection the download happens quick then u can download the file to your computer and the file seeds on the seedbox thus increasing your ratio on private trackers without u using your home connection

another advantage is that since i provide unlimited bandwidth you can download endlessly without any limitations

so its like we get rid of our 1mb connections or wat so ever and get a seed box to download torrents ?

^ i didnt mean it like that

usually ISPs give less upload speed and so it is hard to maintain a ratio on some sites so a seedbox takes care of that problem bcoz it has plenty of bandwidth

and also when downloadin from the seedbox u wud max ur 1 mb connection bcoz u wud be downloadin from FTP similarly like with RS except i give unlimited bandwidth :)

Update: price reduced to 1450

can i pay you by giving you Mobilink/Warid/Telenor/Ufone recharge card no. s ?

^ nope i will accept payment only in cash

cheque is one method but u can pay me with any method u find convenient

in which city you are ?

^ islamabad

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increasing your ratio on private trackers

a lil offtopic question what gud is ratio ?

^ well increasing was just one aspect that i talked abt

have a high ratio in some trackers gives u extra benefits like in IPT when u have 50 GB+ upload u become a power user which gives u the ability to seed/leech more torrents than normal users

or Power Users in torrent leech get access to nfo files of torrents so they can see essential data abt the torrent and plus they also get invites