Seedbox Experience

Well guys i used a seedbox for a month from and i want to share my experience with you in case anyone wants to buy it. It is as it says the cheapest seedbox on the internet. Prior to buying it i surfed alot on the internet to find a good package but they were too expensive to buy and most of them had very limited hardisk space. So when i saw this site i immediately bought the seedbox from it.

I bought the cheapest $10 package. Cost me around Rs.850

Here are the details:

100 Mbps Connection Specifications

Disk Space 115 GB each

FTP Access Yes

VNC Access Yes

Active torents Unlimited

Traffic Unlimited

Connection 100 Mbps

Client Utorrent/Rtorrent/Deluge


Very reasonable price especially as comapred to competitors on internet

All the features available

Instead of listed 115gb hd i got more space don't know how

Overall monthly performance was good ( 3TeraBytes upload fulfills my need for more than a year)


Slow support speed takes 3-4days to reply

Had 5 days down time

Here is my monthly utorrent stats check the total download/upload and per second upload speed.




I wanted to share this seedbox experience because alot of WP members want a cheap seedbox.

At last i have no connection with the site and just wanted to share my experience

That was a good experience overall.....

i think i should have to try it, its the time cux i gt no time for constant uploading these days....

so shakeeb i read out all the terms, anyway how did you buy that i mean do you have a Paypal account?? if u were able to buy that one, would you please help me in it??

u must try it out coz its really tough to maintain good ratio wit crappy upload speeds we have.

Yes i paid it by paypal and im sorry i cant help u out because i dont have paypal account the payment was made by my brother who resides in Malaysia and he too borrowed card from his friend so its not possible to do it again.

You can pay the site by credit card direct as they said me on email (i cant recommend you as there is always some risk in it) perhaps you can send them email and negotiate any alternative payment method

Oh its k shakeeb, thanx anyway!

but i don't think so they are offering other methods for payment, anyway i will try it.....n let me ask you a very creepy question... :P

Do we have to be an uploader or stuff like this to seed in high speed or just casual torrent seeding would be enough?? :P

^Its k Shakeeb, i just figured it out, i knew how seedbox works but i haven't used one of them yet so i was just trying to get deeper!

Nway thanx for you posts...

you are welcome to ask any questions regarding seedbox from me. It will take you a day or two to get used to multiple features like ftp access and especially most beneficial VNC one. Plus it is hard to upload so much on private trackers as they already have many seedboxes on almost every torrent so there are few special tips to find right torrents which you can ask me after you bought a seedbox :)

Can a torrent be uploaded directly via seedbox?

yes u can upload torrent as it works pretty same as our windows but u first have to upload your torrent data file to seedbox and than it will seed from there.

shakeeb: mind if we both share 50/50 :P I'll give you the bucks.

^ lol that sounds a good idea but my seedbox is set to expire in a day or two so this ain't possible. but you can buy it for 1 month and than enjoy a peaceful life for coming years :)

Yeah I can enjoy it but unfortunately for us Pakistani's paypal is a NO NO :)

^well thats one of the biggest tragedies of Pakistan :(....

^ Thats why they have the option of paypal ,they don't want us to us it :D

For paypal ask somebody abroad , if someone is from family is there to register an account for you than everything will make sound...! :)

^^ lol they want to take revenge from us for being pakistani :P

can you share some info about your vnc experience ? pl do post screenshots of vnc

@Shakeeb: plz bro do contact me i have some stuff which i have to ask you about seedbox experience.

plz do contact me wheneva you read this.... :)

^^ i must say VNC access is a great feature as you can do almost anything u do with your windows like utorrent all features, browsing and other features like games etc.... i used it because some sites require you to log in from seedbox via browser otherwise they dont start downloading. These pics uploaded have been taken via VNC access.

Im not exactly sure what you want to know try to be more specific.

@akanuke : yup you can ask me here or email me at shakeeb underscore 99 at yahoo dot com

^ i have sent you an e-mail. Kindly have a look....