Security Camera

I am looking to install camera to my home any advice on what to chose and what not to

any tech guy around to provide this servive in rawalpindi?

Check for equipment price

go to YouTube and search for installing security camera

a friend recently told me the rate of installing wiring is 40 per feet this is for Karachi

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Check online for Solutions

What are your actual requirements? No of Cameras and Budget.

Cheap solution is to buy a small 4 camera DVR and CCTV camera.
Second solution is NVR Setup. which offer full HD quality with IP Cameras, better quality and features, you can get NVR device and IP Cameras.

We have HIKVision (NVR with IP Camera Setup) in our office.


Requirements are simple

i need a clear picture High Definition or no High Definition
can you mention me the price difference between ip and non ip in pm as i need to move to new house in a month so i need it to be done as soon as possible

Price depends on the brand and features.

You can get Hikvision in this price range.
IP Camera + NVR Setup
4 Channel NVR is approx Rs 8000.
Hard Disk Cost = 1TB HDD Rs. 7000
1 IP Camera is approx Rs. 4000
Cable and connection cost. Rs, 1000

I have no idea about DVR Camera prices.

go for hikvision.