Security camera on gate

hi everybody,

i need suggestion. i want t install a camera on our home gate. so that when ever somebody comes we see on screen that who is out there. what are the cheap options. what is ip camera??

thanks and reply awaited.

What screen you want...a dedicated screen that stays on or on your laptop/ PC screen?

For IP camera you need a static IP from your internet provider like PTCL. You can watch your gate from anywhere through that static IP using your cell phone or computer.

dedicated screen that stays on

justr go to hall road.. from mall road side.. just as you enter, there are car steroe tape shops on the right and immediately after the left turn, on the left, there is a small pathway into a building on the left too.. there is a security camera market..

also , cross the nala, on the left is osama bin laden center :D , cross that and on the left is a small path going inside left side.. they have very afordable chinese camera and systems.

you can see online from shophive and other stores about details of various branded models.

^gOOD oYE. You can be a good guide for my future visit to Lahore