Searching for a typical word in English

I am sorry for my poor English, I am searching for a typical word for an activity, for example;

My friend is ill and I go to his home to ask about his health (Ayyadet kerna), what typical word use here? I asked some people but they don't have answer.

go to google translator and type there in urdu and get result in english :)

Not entirely sure.

"Visting the sick" ?

Inquire/Enquire (apparently there is a whole debate about which one is more correct)

Formal usage/sentence construction might also have an effect on whether it should be inquire after or inquire about.

"Inquire after health"

"Enquire after health"

"inquire about"

"to ask about his health"

e.g. They called to inquire after my health.

I might enquire after your health.

Gilani visits Pagara to inquire about his health.

We enquired after her health.

Bush called to ask about the Dalai Lama's health.

Inquire is too formal (but then again, so is 'ayadat kerna').

You can say 'see' or 'visit' a (sick) friend for a more informal version.

To commiserate?


That's bit extreme.... more suitable for death i guess.

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That’s bit extreme… more suitable for death i guess.


That would be ‘condole’.

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That would be ‘condole’.


Condole is spot on for death and what I meant is ‘commiserate’ can also be used instead of Condole depending on the situation whether if one is physically present to condole or sends his/her commiseration when they are not… but either way, the ocation is usually death.

But hey, if the next person understands what your saying and what actually you meant to say by saying what you said, then it probably doesn’t matter…