Searching: Conexant Drivers for Linux

I have searched the sky, dug the earth, bullied Google and pushed Yahoo, but haven't found drivers for my Conexant modem drivers for Linux. All I get is a demo/trial driver which extremely restricts the connection speed.

Help me, or I too will be left at the hands of the monopolists at MS who want every soul to be sold to Windows.



There are some winmodems for which you have to pay for the drivers, since like you said there are only trial and limited drivers available. To my knowledge there is no other option for than to get the driver for free. And like I said before, I wouldn't recommend using Linux on dialup since you'll end up downloading quite a bit at the start at least, and you don't want to do that on a slow connection.

If you're using a desktop just change your modem to a hardware modem, you can get second hand ones dirt cheap now.

I am actually using an Acer laptop which has a software Conexant modem.

Sah, I didn't get you when you wrote that I'll end up downloading quite a bit at the start at least.

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Sah, I didn’t get you when you wrote that I’ll end up downloading quite a bit at the start at least.

He means you’ll have to download drivers, software and updates when you first set up your system, so doing that on dial-up can be very frustrating.

@wzub: I am really willing to do so. On average I download 1GB a month on my dialup. Any help regarding this would be really appreciated. Though right now I am checking out the sites referred by KO.

You could just spring for a linux compatible modem. It won't cost you that much and it'll save you a whole lot of trouble. Winmodems are less of an issue now since so many people have already moved on to using broadband for which they only need a LAN card and not a modem.

If you primarily use dialup at home, you could get a second had usb modem. I bought two for 100Rs each from Sunday Bazaar, but after broadband gave them away.

The first step is to identify your modem,

visit the following site and use the scan modem tool to identify ur modem.

Once you are able to identify your modem, go to

u can use the linuxant modem identifier tool as well:

depending upon the results, download and install the appropriate driver.

One thing to keep in mind, dere r two versions of modem drivers by linuxant

1) Free version (that supports a data transfer rate of 14kbps)

2) paid version (costs u around $20 and supports a full data transfer rate of 56kbps)

u can find the paid version via torrent (if u feel, it's right for you)