There must be a RESEARCH section in the technology index.

most of the memeber are the students. so here we can share our research. help each other. i would be great to work together for a better future of Pakistan.


any fields. for example take the energy crysis. find ways of energy generation. share your ideas. Because 'ideas' are the key.


Like a search trends research i did in a jiffy :)

I posted it here..

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And who is going to make Free energy Magnetic generator that works totally with the repelling and attracting forces of magnets. It’s already been invented … If I was an electrical engineer, I would have built this generator to enlighten my house. I have studied its theory and watched some videos on youtube how to make it.

I am Electrical Engineer, can you provide some links about magnetic generator? I would like to learn more and see if it is feasible to make one.




Sure, take your time. I will wait.

Thank you.