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This is Zahid Hussain. I am working in Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates (pvt) Ltd. as a System Analyst. I have completed the Search Engine of Holy Quran. In this search engine you can find any topic. Its in 4 languages

(English, Arabic, Urdu & Roman Urdu). According to google i am the only person in the world who complete the translation of holy quran in Roman Urdu and made this search Engine.

For example:

If u want to search “sabar” related aayaat u can type “sabar” in roman urdu or “صبر” in urdu or patience in english system will give u the answer in just a moment. How many time it comes in the Holy Quran and where. Now you can search all the topics in this search engine.

I made this search engine after 1 1/2 year strugle. Its for “Fee sabilillah”.

I wanted to show you this search engine plz give me the appointment. So that i spread it through out the world. Plz call me on my cell number. I’ll be thankful to you.

Thanks & regards

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Upcoming projects:

1. Search Hadees Engine

2. Search Tafseer-e-Quran

3. Search Quran-o-Hadees website

4. Search Quran-o-Hadees Mobile software

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Zahid Hussain


Excellent Work Zahid Hussai.

Nice share Imran.

Xellent job man !! :):rolleyes:

Nice work

should they make it online search engine

^I second that. An online version will reach and serve a much wider audience.

Excellent work by Zahid Hussain. Through out the ages, Quran Majeed has been translated in different languages, with the person doing a particular language translation for the first time achieving immortal fame in islamic history. Roman urdu is not a language but rather a new script for the Urdu language, but nevertheless, its popularity in the younger generation and ease of use will undoubtedly make this translation the easiest way to search and learn quran for Urdu language users.

Excellent post about quran. Keep it up.