Screen vibrates after formatting windows, why?

My pc's screen vibrates after formatting windows, why?

Earthquake maybe....? :lol:

are you using LCD or CRT?

first time heard that "formatting windows"!! what is this?

do you meant to say Fromatting HDD?

Vibrates? :wacko: do you mean Flickers? :o

I believe you mean by formatting windows "after installing windows".

Simply install VGA driver if you've not installed it.

The refresh rate of your monitor would be causing this problem

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My pc’s screen vibrates after formatting windows, why?


Right-click on your desktop. Select “Properties” if using Windows XP. Or “Screen Resolution” if using Windows 7. Find and click Advance button. Find Monitor Refresh Rate, change it to at least 75Hz. You can try higher value but only if your monitor can support it. Therefore, first try 75Hz. Don’t forget to press Apple button to apply your changes. Please do come back and tell us whether it solved your problem or not?

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