Scheme III Cable

I am living in Scheme III of Rawalpindi i am facing problem from my cable operatore "PASBAN" can you guys suggest any other cable or alternative affordable solution.

As in cable TV or the cable internet ?

LOL! I am also using PASBAN Cable TV, and getting very bad reception at home! My neighbours shifted from PASBAN to SUN TV because of this very reason!

We have Pasban too (in Gulrez). We're sick of the idiot. Apparently, to him, we're the only ones complaining... sigh.

I'm hoping PTCL does something good with their IPTV. Sun TV is 50 channels for 350... and... isn't Joost free?

Joost is free but it sucks imho. I was watching tech tv the other day on joost, but after 3 hours of continuous play they ran out of shows. The shows started repeating when i clicked to see the available shows on that channel they were less then 30 i guess. So i think its the same with the other channels too.