Scene Bluray Movie Release Log

Yeah that's right. The great Upsilon is now gonna keep you updated with the latest scene Bluray movie releases too. You already know how i do this, so no further explanation needed.

NOTE: I won't post any links, this thread is made to keep everyone updated about their favorite movie releases, I DON'T promote piracy of any kind!

You're free to post such releases in this thread if you want, just abide by the following rules.

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1. Only the first scene Bluray release should be posted (whether it be 720p or 1080p). No Brrips or dvdrips or dvdr's or anthing else.

2. Only one release of a movie should be posted. So if a 720p was posted, the 1080p shouldn't also be posted, and vice versa. As the other release usually comes soon after the first release.

3. Provide basic details, like release name & file size. Do not post any links, or any torrent site names.


I'll start.

Fright Night 2011 720p BluRay X264-AMIABLE released, 26-Nov-2011


Size: 4.43 GB

The.Sorcerer.and.the.White.Snake.2011.Blu-ray.720p.x264.DTS.DD51.DualAudio.MySilu released, 26-Nov-2011


Size: 5.32 GB

Apollo 18 2011 720p RC BluRay DTS x264-DNL released, 26-Nov-2011


Size: 4.42 GB

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I DON’T promote piracy of any kind!


Yeah, right :wink:

Colombiana 2011 READNFO 720p BluRay x264-TheWretched released, 27-Nov-2011


Size: 4.40 GB

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