Scanned Document

If I have a scanned document in PDF which has parts of it crossed out with an ordinary black marker, can anyone suggest to me, how I can clear up the document so as to view the crossed out parts easily?

Were the parts crossed out after it was converted to PDF or were they there before the scan?

They were crossed out before the scan. With an ordinary black marker.

the only way i knoe is by usin photoshop.... convert it to psd and open in photoshop and ull have to edit the document as a pic...

I haven't used photoshop before, but I can figure it out. I just want to ask you if this will work for sure.

well how do u expect it to work..

the document you scanned have a text blacked out,so how do you expect computer to predict that missing text?

An optical character recognition software would be able to do the job, but there is a certain technique to it that I am unable to grasp for the moment. That's what I am trying to figure out.

Try abbby fine reader

If you have Photoshop, use "Healing Brush Tool", select "Replace" from "mode" option in the brush menu, press Alt and then select an area around the black line by clicking once, and then leave alt, and draw on the black line. If it looks a little odd, then change the mode back to normal and draw again to smooth out the repaired area.