Scam phone call

I wonder what action should we take after receiving a scam phone call of 5 lac lottery winning.

Wise thing would be to not to get fooled.....

You should contact the related mobile network franchise and report that number. It will not do any good for you but it might save many others.

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I wonder what action should we take after receiving a scam phone call of 5 lac lottery winning.


Try to convice yourself that there is no such thing called “free lunch”.

Just ignore the spam caller.

I usually answer, na kar yaar phir jeet gaya 1 lakh? Chal khairat may ghareeboon ko day dain :P

I also answer these calls but after that oh I was a winner

No, actually these are real. won 2 lacs a couple of years back and i recently won 5 lacs and a 1800cc car.. beat that.

Now I try to keep my phone idle most of the time, so taht if any of these kewl lottery people call me I am not engaged in another call. :P

I received a call like this on my telenor number.. The caller was pretending to be calling form Telenor office. When I informed about this call to telenor they told me to submit my id card photocopy and written complaint... lolssssss Why will i do that? It was there problem.. I will simply screen list that number...

What a coincidence. Same thing happened to me on Sunday. I got a call from a Zong number telling me that i had won 580,000 Rupees. I was like WTH. He couldn't even come up with a believable figure. I asked him that I will call Zong people mentioning your number and confirm if the scheme does exist. He said Okay and hung up the call. :)

Just ignoring such type of calls seems to be the only way out....

I received a call too once this guy says he is calling from ptcl head office and i have won 5 lac and in the background dogs were barking :lol: , i told him to give it to the dogs and hung up :P

ask that guy would you like to exchange your sista with this 5 lac you are about to giving me :lol:

after week ago i received call he ask i am calling on easypasia did you pay your bill through Easy Pasia I say yes He ask You Won The Prize what is prize i don't but he ask me for Address For shaping I give him but still i am waiting for my prize i think he is fake but if he fake how he get my Information. :rolleyes: