SAS to SATA converter

I got my hands on 1 SAS drive. Was wondering if anyone knew if I could get my hands on a SAS to SATA converter. Or maybe get a 4 drive SAS box? Suggestions?


you should really try some big computer markets like Hafeez center or Rex center and take the drive with you, even SAS are not much popular here i am sure you will fine the converter. You do know that its gonna effect the speed of the SAS drive.?

I have tried a lot of places. Biggest one knows what SAS is. Have spoken to Marsons as well (Seagate distributor), even they don't have it.

as i wrote earlier they arent popular. did you get it for free.?

man u wont b able 2 buy 1 frm any !@#$ shop....... try getin it via credit card through many online shops....... mark the item as a "GIFT" so no import duty will be imposed

finally found it.....but for 800!!