Saqiscity shut down, owner arrested by FIA nr3c website owner arrested. Notice from FIA:

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This website is being used an online fraudulent shopping transaction from the innocent peoples, hence FIA Cyber Crime Circle Karachi arrested the owner and registered case FIR No 37/2015 of this alleged website.

All customers are advised to please contact on below details of the FIA Cyber Crime Circle Karachi

Email :
Phone number. 021-99249650-2
Address: FIA, Cyber Crime Circle, Karachi situated at FIA Building, 1st Floor,
Near Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital, Johar Chorangi Karachi


What kind of fraudulent transactions? I used to buy from them, and didn't have much complaints from them back then.

P.S. the notice is full of spelling and grammatical errors. At least FIA should have got someone with basic English skills to write the notice.:P

yeah baby, that's what i am talkin about. next should be daraz(dot)pk