Samsung Wave S8500


Any body using or used this mobile hpone called samsung wave s850 with the new samsung BADA OS... i have seen reviews that this is a good set and i am playing to buy it...and today i saw the set so thats why i am thinking of buying this set... but i wanna know is this a good cell phone ? as the owner whose cell i checked today told me that its a great set... so i want your comments friends..

i used it and great phone only one disadvantage is limited softwares.

specially its built quality you will feel that you holding a brick in your hand

screen is very bright OMLED

leave itt and go for android or windows

armada which is the good android fone ? or windows ?

In my opinion android is good, but it also depends on your interest

1. Much faster then Windows Mobile system. The android is developed from the linux core, and much steady and much faster, and much reliable.

2. It's an open system, and more and more softwares are developed for it all over the world! The google use it's own advantages to set up an app store for the android, and it's several handred of thousand apps and games for it. Buy the way, here I know a site that collected many many apps and themes for the android.

3. It's updating and getting much more easy to use fast. The Android system is a open source projects, so there's many developer are working on it to make it more perfect.

so what will be the best android set will be good for me ? i have in 25k in my pocket and want a good phone with good battery :) my brother used desire hd but its battery very bad....

touchscreen or keypaad?

for business purpose or for just entertainment?

Touch All The Way :) And Entertainment More :)

There are two kinds of people that buy android phones:

People who want something different than the iphone:

If this is you all you need to do is buy any android device that comes with a current version of android. this It will be either 2.2 (froyo) or 2.1 (eclair). Do not buy a phone if it comes with any version lower than this because you will be missing out on some key features. Other than that, just keep in mind that like the iPhone navigation doesn't work in the middle east (you need separate apps for it) and not all software is available from the Android app store (called the market).

People who like to back around with their phone "jailbreaking" and "rooting" it:

The thing you have to keep in mind with android is that very quickly you will want to start modifying (hacking) your phone to install the latest version of android available. To do this, it is always best to buy one of the Google developer phones - like the Nexus One. These are guaranteed to be unlocked and allow the most modifications. They also come with the default Android interface (called the "google experience") which included the android market, gmail, navigation/maps et. al. Most other phones come with customized interfaces. HTC has it's own interface, called "Sense UI"; Samasung has their own and so does Motorola "Moto Blur".

Keep that in mind and you will be better able to decide which phone is better for you. 1400 mAh 1500 mAh

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thx armada... but i have samsung wave s8500 in my hand right now... its looking great but this is not new as i have came to know that the new S8500 not coming now only wave II is coming... So this one that i have right now is in used for 3months... so i m testing it.. from whom i got it for testing for 1,2 days he said battery only lasts for 1 day... so lets see when i will fully charge the battery will gonna give it a try :)

@armada u know where to have games n softwares for this fone ? except samsung apps ?

This fone has very limited supported games and apps cuz its OS is new born baby so it upto you now goto google and search and collect some games and app from their samsung portal

^^ okay thank you :)

Samsung Wave S8500 provides camera with lots of features to get good images such as Smile shot, Geo-tagging, Beauty shot, Blink detection, Lomo shot, Vintage shot etc. Apart from camera features, this smartphone consist of 1 GHz CPU which enables excellent HD video playback and great gaming experience.

I guess Samsung Wave S8500 is worth considering while purchasing Smartphone. The phone is good looking with Black and Gray color combination and aluminum body.

Here are some Screen captures of my Samsung wave ll

very stable OS no lags like Android

Samsung S8500 is the best phone in terms of hardware which offer samsung in this phone.Bada OS is smart OS but there is no big application support like android in this phone.If you are going to spend 25000 pkr than I will suggest go for Samsung Galaxy Ace which is android powered handset.