Samsung Tab 2 or Dany Q4

pl advice, which is better to purchase, Samsung Tab 2 10 inch (Dual Core, 16gb, 1gb) or Dany Q4 7.5 inch (Quad core, 16gb, 1gb).


Witout even a second thought, Go for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

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farmed Go for Samsung,Dany(Chinese Products) are not good they have problems like : Battery Problem , LESS Ram , Poor Graphics Colour , Poor Camera result , A common problem in chinese tablets is that they stop in the start(at Android Loading Screen)if they are overcharged it has happened with me alot of times therefore go for Samsung.

Samsung > Dany

thanks, but samsung is dual core and dany is quad core. i have samsung and want to sale it for a new quad core one.

farmed Samsung Dual Core > Dany Quad Core , Read this :

Thanks brothers