Samsung s4 repair

My brother send me Samsung s4 when it was new in market unfortunately after a month use it fall down from me and screen was broken at that time new screen pannel was of 17k. So I kept the broken s4 in my cupboard. Now thinking of repairing but not sure that after that will it work flawlessly as new.

Is the digitizer broken or just the glass? The glass can be replaced for 2-3k I think

I think its digitizer is broken .

It should work as good as new. As far as I know there are no fake digitizer + screen in the market for these mobiles. Authentic should work as good as a new one

Thanks buddy my friend told me that new pannel of s4 is available in 8k as it has become cheap.

EVERYTHING here is either an A+ copy or a B grade... the difference between the prices is significant, the difference between the performance of these 2 grades is HUUGE,,

once broke an HTC into it repaired from a friend on hall road who is really good at his work.. B LCD was around 5k, and A+ was 7k.. the differernce between the 2 was too huge even on first turning them on.. the quality of color, contrast and the yellow hue on cheaper one was a i paid more for the new screen and it was as good as new.. no market repair person could even tell if it was ever opened..

so make sure you get repairs from an authentic person, who will tell and fit quality component,

Samsung products have a lot more variety in quality.. A+, A, B, and even C grade.. so you get what you pay for.

Thanx Farhan but the latest news I got is that my s4 19500 is not 4g suorted very bad.

I9505 is 4G supported..

Yes 19505 is 4g supported but unluckly I got 19500 which is only 3g.

Any recommendations for repairing place for my Samsung s4 in Karachi any authentic shop