Samsung s4 by AT&T

i want to buy a second hand mobile . i have a samsung s4 by at&t under consideration . i dont know whether they are good or not ? can someone help me about its pro n cons

Samsung high-end phones are fine, but you're better off buying HTC or LG instead.

What's your exact budget? I may be able to recommend something better.

But if you like what you see of the S4, then you're good to buy it. The S4 is a decent phone.

of all the samsung phones ever made.. S2 and S4 are by far the best offerings.. every other model is either crap, or just a revision of the same phone from ages

as upsilon rightly said, LG G2, G3 are better phones, G2 is very cheap. HTC One m7 is a top phone on par with S4 with same specs and a much much better software and all metal body plus battery lasts longer and phone doesnot crash every day.

and HTC One M8 2014 model is just , pure ecstasy.. the best phone made in 2013-2014...

but on the other hand S4 is one of the better samsung phones.. if you are in US or UK, then the AT& phone is fine. but if in pk, prefer to buy unbranded international version, as it will probably create problems with device updates and region locking of play store apps, and you may require root for easy working, and other problems.. better buy an international version.

also the special Black edition is just COOL.

i agree with farhan_ds if you care about desgin and durabilty of phone then stay away from the samsung, mid to low range mobile desgines are same looking and all has TFT screen technology whereas other brands offering IPS screens in those price ranges ,

go for LG HTC and Sony or

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Have anyone of you ever orojected s4 at$t display via mhl adopter?i had has superb 4k vidio resolution. Cyrstal clear whats on....quad core 2gb ram is sufficient.. .:-)