Samsung Champ versus Qmobile Soap (E900)

Hey eveyone. I want to get my dad a simple touch screen phone. He saw Qmobile Soap's ad and told me about it. So I wanna give the phone to him as a gift. However, in my opinion Samsung Champ is vastly superior to Qmobile Soap. Only advantage i think Soap has that is Dual Sim but i think its battery life will be pathetic because of that. What do you guys recommend? Has anybody here used Qmobile Soap and can give me a low down on it?

china vs korea

Qmobile phones are low quality mobile phones poor display (sunlight visibility) low battery life cheap looking keypads not original OS no updates and no app support only good thing is they dual sim loud speakers and charm tv ads

y buy a corby instead?

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y buy a corby instead?

You are right Corby is a great mobile. But its a bit laggy (I used it for 8 months). I was very much impressed by the speed of the OS of Samsung Champ. Check here:

I am only concerned about the battery life and the reliability of the phone.

I would like to know more about the champ as well