Safe way to convert foreign currency and deposit

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I have some saving in foreign currency and i want to convert it back to PKR. Since the amount is a bit much to be taken around, is there anyway to get it converted to PKR and not having to physically carry the converted cash to the bank where I want to deposit?

I thought of one way to open a PKR account in same bank where i have foreign currency account, but then someone told me banks convert at a much lower rate than open market, which would mean a handsome loss during conversion. So I should convert it through money exchangers. But in that, I do not want to risk taking so much cash from money changer's office to bank. Anyway to do all this safely in one go?

Need your suggestions

If the foreign currency amount is handsome, some dealers may agree to deliver cash in the bank.

If you have good relations with your bank staff, especially at executive or manager level, they can call a money changer to deliver cash in the bank.

Reputable exchangers will write you a company check in pkr paybable to you which you can simply deposit in your bank.

When their is money, their is a risk.

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Why don't you simply convert and deposit in smaller batches?

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Why don’t you simply convert and deposit in smaller batches?


Not living in the city where I have maintained account,