Safe Charities

Currently, I have found Ilm-O-Amal and Ummah Welfare Trust but I don't know if they're safe..

Check them out and let me know if you ever heard about them and if you've had any experience with them?

ar-rasheed trust.... this waz created by lat mufti rasheed (i m forgettin his ful name) anyway its very gud.... it works and dont bragss about they r the one who r resposible of creation of mnay skool in afgha nistan after the war and in sarhad after the earth quake.... and yeah the akhbar zarb-e-momin is also from them...

How about which are school and colleage for blind and deaf students and with lot of facilites. You may check thier website as well personal visit.

Ilm-o-amal is safe; it's run by people I know.

Selani trust i guess is safe too