Safari font on Firefox

I've always been a IE users but last year I ditched IE7 for Firefox. I thought it had all the cool features until i installed safari.. I must say im in love with the clean interface and clarity of the fonts.. Im wondering if i could use this font, Lucida Grande on firefox as well.. I installed the this font on windows, went to firefox properties replaced Time new roman with this one but it doesn't look the same as it is on Safari.. I was wondering if you guys could help me out in this one..


I think what Safari does is rips off the default font and converts it "Lucida Grande". whenever someone designs a website they specify a font in their html code to be used anywhere in the web so the font is already specified which font you are going to use and which font the browser is going to show you, probably firefox just shows you the font which is behind the code and safari rips of the font and shows its own.

Nah, its not the font. But its the way Safari anti-aliases the text. Safari doesn't use Windows' ClearType technology. Instead it uses Mac OS X's anti-aliasing algorithm.