Running PHP form action through address bar

Consider there is a site, it has button, which once pressed runs a form action, it takes no values from fields etc....

Now is it possible to run that form action directly from address bar ?

e.g. this is the form action


now how can I do, what happens on clicking the button, directly from addressbar.

yes you can can - check which page does action refers to and type that in address bar and press GO

however no POST Variable (such 'number' which hidden post variable) will be posted to index.php

surely some logic in index.php would be looking for that value - it will return an error/redirect you some other page etc.

then how can I run it ?

actually the real problem is that there is a voting page, in which once you click the vote button it gets disabled, but on server side there are no checks no voting

so how can I send that POST variable again to index ??

I tried by making a custom page, but it wont work as it wont consider me logged in

It really depends on the server side script being used. Some servers use standard form data parsing scripts that automatically detect which method (GET or POST) is being used to send data and act the same in both cases. You can check that by using URL like /index.php?number=1 and appending every other form element with &name=value.

If it doesn't work, then it just can't be generalized as the solution really depends on analyzing the particular server and web page and is usually different for every website.

Yes, it's possible. But as I know php form takes values input fields of form builder.

You could also try using JavaScript, maybe in in page load event, and POST whatever you want from there...

on result page use this code :

vote code

<?php echo $_GET["number"]; ?>

this will help , it will forward data via URL but its unsafe without SSL encryption .