Rumoured Sony Ericsson PSP Cellphone

What do you think of the rumoured SE PSP Gaming Device / Cellphone? I think its going to be a bestseller if SE plays its cards right and make a solid hardware device. Its supposed to launch with Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. Here is a spy video of it being seen somewhere in Greece:

holy crap, that would be one awesome phone. Android plus PSP = EPIC WIN. May well be fake though...

No PSP games can be run on it :(

Yeah. PSP games cannot run on it, that is a shame, really. Maybe Sony can port those games to the Android platform and provide them as a free download for promotion. At least a few of them.

Why would they call it PSP then? I guess its probably just android with a stronger GPU and you play android games on it. pretty misleading calling it the PSP phone.

Its called the PSP phone because of the full PSP controls which are available as a slider.

Check this:

nice. definitely beats using the touchscreen for games lol.

Yep. Although touch screen games are cool in their own way especially if playing along with a accelorometer. More coverage of the PSP phone: