Rotary compressors for central air conditioning

salam to all. wanna know are rotary (mechanical) compressors available in pakistan for centrally airconditioning systems ? (custom made)

or any other guy here can help sharing info regarding making a central air conditioning system for home ? (engine operated) belt / direct coupled with the compressor.

No idea about that. Im thinking you can use any sort of aircon compressor as long as you're designing the system yourself.

ofcourse one running directly from an engine requires something the sort of a car aircon unit, with an elecro clutch system etc etc...

If it helps, here is a plethora of info about aircons:

Do share your project details with us so others may also benefit. :)

Are you planning to run that central aircon engine on natural gas? Or petrol/ diesel?

Rotary AC is not successful in Pakistan! because it is not repairable so many of experts don't prefer Rotary AC that much