Rooting Mobile phone - Pros & Cons

Please describe what are the pros & cons of rooting android mobile phone? Can we use play store after rooting the phone? Thanks

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I'll try to make this short & simple. Basically, if you're a casual user then you don't need root access at all, but if you're a power user, then rooting will provide you some nifty perks.


Can use advanced apps that require root access (for e.g. Titanium Backup, Orbot, Lucky Patcher, etc)

Can install cracked playstore which give us some nifty perks over the vanilla playstore.

Can install custom recoveries and ROMS which can totally change the UI of the phone.

Can install a custom kernel to overclock or underclock the phone.


You may lose your phone warranty (but you can easily unroot your phone before claiming warranty)

And to answer your other question, yes we can use playstore and all other apps normally.

Another thing to consider is that rooting gives you so much control over your phone, that if you are not careful, you can get it corrupted or stuck in boot animation or no boot at all etc.

Thanks. I rooted my mobile to archidroid.

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^ Congrats! Now as SupMA5TER said, be careful with root apps and only allow root access when you know why the app needs it, and what it will do.

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How to root the android mobile

I have Samsung glaxy pocket s5300 with 2.3.6

Plz tell me