Rooted mobile phones?

I searched for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and found that there are two types available. N900 with local warranty and other N9005 ROOTED with different chipset. What is the difference between Rooted and non rooted devices? Rooted mobiles can't be updated automatically? Regards

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^ AFAIK, N9000 is the regular one. N9002 is the dual-sim one. N9005 is the LTE 4G one.

Unless you have a Zong Sim Card and plan to use it's 4G service in future, you won't need the 4G capable one.

As for root, think of it as like admin access on your windows PC. Some specific apps need that admin access to perform their task.

If you're a casual user, you likely won't need a rooted phone. If you are a technical user, then root access may be useful to you.

If the pre-rooted one doesn't come with warranty then don't go for it. You can easily root the non-rooted one and unroot it when/if you need to claim warranty.

Thanks for your detailed reply. I read that N9005 has better chip compare to N9000. That is the only reason I was interested to buy N9005. I am a casual user who require only factory updates which are automatically done.

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I would not recommend getting the rooted one.

But a rooted phone has it's own advantages. For example, I'm running 4.4.2, KitKat, on my HTC Explorer wihich originally comes with 2.3.5, Gingerbread; custom ROMs are often faster than the stock ROM and almost as stable. I can hack games to get unlimited coins. I can use certain apps to automate tasks. I can use scripts to improve performance, touch and graphics. And, that's not even half of what you can do with a rooted phone.

However, a device like Note III is already very powerful. Moreover, rooting your phone voids its warranty and you may not want that. You can root your phone yourself, which is not very difficult; and if, in the future, you ever feel the need to do so, just head over to

Thank you for your reply.

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Sooner or later all companies will have 4G LTE so I advice you to get the 9005 version. I have n900 and rom support is not too good.

What do you mean by rom support?

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What do you mean by rom support? Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk


Custom ROMs. On a rooted phone, you can install custom recoveries which allow you to install custom ROMs on it.

Again, as a casual user, you won't be needing either root or custom ROMs on your phone.