Root Canal @ Altamash

Executive/Private (Rs. 5K) or OPD (Rs. 1.2K) - what's the difference in treatment besides privacy? What would you recommend if you've been there?


RCT in Lahore costs 18k including crown. i am not sure how is going to be your experience at altamash.


for details

Wren, if you do go to Altamash, then do let us know your experiences there as I have been contemplating a visit there for some time now.

don't know anything about Altamash but I had a root canal recently and it cost 5K for the root canal and 9K for the crown...

well im guessing that for private/executive you might be given treatment using all disposable instruments as well as the use of the latest filling materials. plus u should get it done in lesser time. AND it should be painless for sure.

altamash the dental college right? so im betting that through OPD u'll have a 3rd/ final year student as ur doctor...they'll do fine too.

rest its up to u on how paranoid u are :P

As far instruments they have to use same for all penitent.