Rogaine In Pakistan?

AoA to All

I wanted to know if any could tell me where to find Rogaine ( Hair growth solution ) from anywhere in Lahore, Pakistan.

rogaine is not registered in Pakistan so its not available in that name however there are other brands like Minoxin and hair max and hair max plus..... all of em including rogaine have minoxidil as their basic drug so try one of these drugs.... hopw it helps///

i heard that these hair growth medicine have side effects like impotency.keep a look out and research before taking such medicine.

a lot of people in pakistan actually go for hair transplant (including a lot of tv soap male actors). I myself know a doctor who has gone for a hair transplant surgery and it worked out fine for him. I guess my suggestion is you can also take a look at that option.

here in karachi Rogaine Foam price is 3250rs in time medicos is it really working to grow your hair??