Richard Holbrooke, veteran US diplomat dies aged 69

Richard Holbrooke dies at age of 69. More info about him can be found at Just like Henry Kissinger, Holbrooke was also a German Jew

He is also known as God father of our politicians.

Lets have a conspiracy theory. He is killed by american CIA after revelation because he wanted to tell the world the real truth because he was under stress by the reaction !

I cannot wish him to rest him in peace! According to the news channels last words he spoke, to a Pakistani surgeon, were : "we have to end the war in afghanistan".

Why should be he telling this to a Pakistani person?

Why is he(henry Kissinger) still alive? 87 years is some age, die man! get some rest!

Atleast give him credit that he was sincere to his own country.

In our country most of us are not even sincere to our mother land.

Time to think again.

Anyways who gonna be new master of our corrupt politicians and patriotic army generals?

Yeah he was faithful to his country.

May Allah give him a place in the deepest pit of hell. Amen.

Pointless discussion. Thread closed.