Rewiring Internet & TV Lines - How Best To Avoid Interference?

OK, so I want to revamp the wiring of the following in my jhoNpRi.
I am going to lay down two parallel 3/4" DADEX pipes, 4" apart,
from the curb to the inside of the house. They will carry the following:

(a) PTCL - Fiber Optic - Broadband Line 1

(b) PTCL - Fiber Optic - Broadband Line 2

© CATV coaxial (for potential security cam)

(d) Cable TV (coaxial).

Both PTCL lines are fiber-optic,but they are switched to copper at
the nearby PTCL cabinet. I am thinking of lumping together a & b
together and c & d together.

My questions are:

1) Can I use a 2-pair Cat6 Ethernet wire for PTCL, from khamba to
the DB inside my home ?. Or should I use the black 1-pair official
phone line from the PTCL lineman. Cost will be the same for both.

2) Could there be interference between the bband and coaxial lines
carrying analog/digital data ?. Interference between the two coaxial
lines in the same pipe ?.

3) In future, if I go for a FTTH service like TES, would I be able to
lump it in with the Cat6 Ethernet carrying PTCL signals ?.

Your answers will determine the size of the pipes I will lay down and
the distance between the two, if there is a chances of interference.
Some say that any wire carrying current, however small, generates
an EMF which will disturb a nearby line carrying data, unless you
put it at right angles to it (90 degrees).

Sheikh ‘Muhim Joo’ Chilli

  1. Instead of CAT-6, use the black 01-pair official wire which is much much more resistant to extreme weather and temperatures. A CAT-6 cable is highly immune to interference if and only if it is used as a twisted pair and in differential signalling (meaning that it’s real utility is only in LAN applications and indoor only)

  2. A coaxial cable by it’s design is much much less susceptible to interference. So you really don’t need to worry about the interference. Just make sure that you use a good quality coaxial cable. Sellers claim pure copper but I have witnessed that a small magnet sticks to the inner cable, meaning that there is only a thin layer of copper on the outside only.

  3. Fiber along with CAT-6 is again no problem as far as interference is concerned.

I will suggest taht you use little bigger diameter pipes and if possible, install one as a spare for future expansion plans.

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@Ijaz_Ahmed: Thanks! I am thinking of putting in a normal
good quality twisted-pair telephone wire (8-pair), so we have
more to spare for later use. It has a good rubber insulation
on the outside and a shielding sheath on the inside, designed
specially for EMI. It’s about a 1/4" in diameter, so I guess
3/4" or 1" electrical pipe would be enough for it ?.

The thing is, our ‘smart’ electrician put telephone cables
in the same DB, with all of our electrical wires! so I am
guessing it has royally screwed-up our broadband.

I will put in another parallel pipe, 2 inches apart, for future
Fiber To The Home and/or coaxial for a security cam. You
are absolutely spot-on about a light copper coloring over a
"silver"core that is sold widely in the market. You just have
to scratch it a little and expose the real thing.

Another thing, WorldCall cable installers gave the wire a few
really sharp bends, twists & turns, where they stapled it to
our roof. I read recently that that sort of a thing really messes
up the cable TV signals.

Thanks for your help. People should know about all this stuff,
when they spend good money on wiring cables for fast bband.

Sheikh ‘Al Jasoos’ Chilli

Rather late to reply…suggest you use PTCL shielded coaxial cable for telephone/broadband until it reaches inside your house, and commercial coaxial cable for CATV and security cam. Run PTCL cables in separate pipes (not because of any interference, but for redundancy in case one pipe is damaged in future). Run one CATV cable with each PTCL cable (same reason). Use 1" pipe, it is only a little more expensive and gives a lot more room if you add a cable later. Also lay one empty pipe as spare for future cables (FTTH, power for security cams, etc.).

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