Review my new online store

just finished my automated Online store, it's fully automated. i.e if someone buy anything from it, it will send the order to a company who's products im selling and they cut my profit and send check or paypal payment (y) and the company send the order to the buyer. (reselling)

P.S not self promoting. just need reviews :)

Hi Danish .. I visited your website and I have found some points that should be improved. Pages taking ages to load. Shirt image change is also very slow. Over site is good design need to be little improve.

+1 for

	<p> </p><p>+1 for ajax</p><p>+1 for window's stats (browser back and forward button)</p><p> </p><p>UI needs more love.</p><p> </p><p>Not sure what are these (lorem ipsum) ajax calls for:</p><p><a href="" rel="external nofollow"> </a></p>

Why are you using fixed height or are you using iframe with fixed height?

Looks kinda sketchy , I wont purchase from this shop honestly, more interractive and easy to browse. A sidebar with quick jump (pop up menu's) Is the best way to go , I mean it is great as it is in the first phases i presume but trust me your shop has a great business potential it should stop looking like a 1986's webstore made on aol dialup connection.

Yep, very slow page loads with almost 1.2 mb of data coming from wordans-dot-com which is taking almost 80% of your page load:
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nice dude but be nice and try to give best user experience to your visitors or customers.