Review my music website

Please review my Pakistani music portal hope you like it.

Nice layout, but you know these days you can get caught for listing protected copyright songs!

Wow it sure takes long to load on IE9 .. nd still not loading properly.

however it works on firefox.. nd it looks good i wud say.. graphics wise... however i am not interested to listen songs online.

Ie 8 i am using it dont have any problem.

Your Google Adsense is under big risk... Lots of Music (Copyright Material )

Pretty good layout, I'd prefer to move to some offshore host if your site is Hosted in USA. Overall its pretty good because there are very few errors in w3 validation, You can check them in below link

Very nice site design and navigation. Thumbs up!

The songs collection is limited though and can do with some improvement.

THanks for the feed back trying to improve the functionality :)

looking nice site

Looking good if you want organic traffic for the website hire an SEO company.

I think one company is working on the SEo of the website,

Good Design :)

THanks Shiraz:)

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THanks for the feed back trying to improve the functionality :)

Nice site for downloading and listening live songs!

thanks bilzz

You should improve page load time.

Nice work, but the site will only can do something for you, why not consider some SEO services, the SEO cost in Pakistan is really much lower than the the UK,USA etc...


I m working on page load ...