Resale value of a set like ideos which was introduced by zong

1- do guys in the market even give a thought to buying such mobiles provided that it is unlocked?

2-if so how much could i get for a set that despite having all the general characterstics of a smartphone is worthless for our average rich ass joe since its no iphone or galaxy?

1. Yes, Most buyers would be Android developers

2. Its available for almost Rs.16K

Ideos is now a days available for 13000-14000, because its covered by Warranty and all sets i have seen have great condition due to less usage, But if you plan to sell it after 1 year or so it will be not more than 5000-7000!

You won't able to get a good resale price specially in the Saddar market. I think you would get a good price if you sell through these forums. People here know about the purpose of the mobile and its worth. Don't sell it on OLX etc, you will be disappointed very much and people will trash your mobile. MZC, rightly said that its value will very low after 1 year or so since many low end Android devices would have been introduced by then. Plus the price Zong has put up on the mobile is exorbitant as it was supposed to be around 130-140 Dollars which is around Rs. 11-12k.

Sorry for hacking the thread but do you guys think it is worthy to buy this handset for around PKR 10,000 ? Im planning to get this cuz i cannot stop drooling at the screen size and image quality.. its too much for the price..

It's only available in the UK by Orange network and they are selling it locked for 99 pounds.. which i expect to lower till january..

Dell is also going to sell this same handset just by rebranding it by thier name in the future..

Secondly is this better than IDEOS by zong in terms of resale? and battery?

^ I have read some reviews of this phone and am planning to buy one myself after some time. Its being praised a lot for its screen quality (its an OLED display) and speed with which it runs Android. Its called Orange San Fransisco in the UK and here is detailed text review of it i came across:

Review of Orange San Fransisco on YouTube:

Pretty solid reviews, both of them. Also i watched a review of IDEOS (with Android 2.2 on board) by a guy from Australia and he says that he bought it for around 159 Australian Dollars with a free 4GB MicroSDHC card. That translates to roughly Rs. 13,000 which is an evidence that Zong has overpriced this handset in Pakistani market.

It is a Huawei company set so its resale value will be less as besides Nokia sets all other company sets have lesser resale value.

I think the Ideos, even though slightly overpriced in Pakistan (as others have noted), is still the best value you can get for your money at the moment. It's true that Nokia handsets tend to have better resale values, but honestly speaking I have seen sets from other companies perform just as well and just as long as Nokia.

Huawei is not a small company and Ideos should not be pitted with unbranded Chinese mobiles, which, I fear, is how many people will be looking at the handset in the open market. You will find a good resale if you find a person who knows the value of owning an android handset.

As far as the Blade is concerned, it runs on Android 2.1. Given the performance boost android 2.2 brings to the table, you will definitely see Ideos running much faster than Blade. That said the screen sported by the Blade is definitely its trump card, although I doubt you will find its price going down in a couple of months. You will probably have to get it for its listed price of GBP 99 (roughly Rs13,300). You also don't get any warranty in Pakistan, which might adversely affect its resale.

Huawei vs Zte: both are big Chinese companies whose handsets should be good quality that will easily last you as long as mobile handsets made by other, more well-known, companies.

Personally I am getting a T-Mobile g2 in January. But the Ideos has me so excited that I might just get it for a month to try out a "budget" android to see how it works with froyo (android 2.2).