Required Android keyboard app for Urdu typing

hi all
I am in searching for an Android keyboard app which can have such features like I had in my huawei p7 lite in its official keyboard app, there were like “do chashmi hai and halway wali hai on h with long press and simple typing, waau and waau with hamza on w with long press and simple typing” etc. and on shift (up arrow on left) allow my to use a’araab ( zair, zabar, paish, do zabar, do zair etc. ) is there any keyboard app with this type of features or huawei keyboard app i can install on my new Sony Xperia X Performance SOV33 ( its originally for Japanese market but we can use it here ). I already have installed Easy Urdu Keyboard from Pakdata, Swiftkey, Gboard but nothing beat that previous one. ( my device is on Oreo 8.0 now )
please help.

nothing to mention ?

WOW great !! nobody knows about it.