Reporting annoying calls on PTCL landline?

We recently shifted houses. At our new home we are getting annoying calls again and again asking for us to give the number of some girl who used to live in this house before :P. This guy is annoying me and my family.

What is the process of reporting this number to PTCL and do PTCL actually take action?

Don't know the correct procedure but you would probably have to go to the nearest service center of PTCL better call the help line for the correct procedure. and PTCL should take a notice. If not, you can always complain to PTA about PTCL for not taking notice.

I don't think PTCL cares. I am receiving calls from a Bank's recovery deptt. 2 years after getting the number installed. They don't listen to me that the number does not belong to their defulters anfd keep calling. PTCL tells me to get the number changed. No other solution.