Replace battery or cells for shaver or trimmer

I have hitachi trimmer. Its cells are perhaps dead. No matter how long i leave it for charging, it does not switch on. Earlier, the cells used to lose charge even in case of no use. So i conclude that the device itself is ok.

Model Number = hitachi cl-5210

Its image is: hitachi-trimmer-cl-5210-650x489.jpg

The current battery (soldered two cells in series) are :






1) Where do i get replacement cells? Will I have to solder them together as shown in pics?

2) Can I change current ni-cd AA 1.2v cells to different type like rechargable Ni-MH due to ni-cd memory problems (old tech)? Which make model?

3) Can i use non-rechargable AA cells? Off course I will not put the trimemr on charger then.

4) Should I try to charge my currently dead cells in external Chameleon charger?

5) Is there a 2.4 battery containing cells inside its case/enclosure? Like : GPAN4930_11.jpg

You can find such cells easily in local markets. Even rechargeable cells from Sony, Camelion, Panasonic, etc would work but they don't have tabs welded on them.

The last pic of battery (HHR-P107) seems like those used in Panasonic cordless sets. These should be easily available too though be wary of cheap fake varieties.

1) You can easily get these Ni-Cad batteries from Hall Road, Lahore.

2) Better try to replace with same type i.e. Ni-Cad.

3) For test purposes, you can use standard (non-rechargeable) battery cells of 1.5V each.

4) You can try charging externally, if the cells do get charged then there is some issue in the machine. BTW: Is is wireless charging or contact based charging ?

5) For cordless phones, there are some 2.4V battery packs available but those are low capacity (may be 300mAH only). May work with lower running time.

Nicd and nimh can be used interchangeably

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For my Panasonic cordless I recently bought rechargeable

battery cells. They came in a Panasonic pack. Same colour,

same specs. Only when I put them into the phone for charging,

the LED indicator said, "Do Not Use This Battery" ! I put the

old ones back in and the phone charges fine.

I got those cells from Saddar, Karachi. They are imported

from China, or Eastern Europe. The guys I got them from

sell Panasonic cordless phones like mine and assured me

that these battery cells were legit.

So, yeah. Beware. Btw, I had trimmers like those. Mine

were Remington. Used them during travelling. They still

work after many years of faithful service.

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