Rent A Car Lahore

I will be Visiting Lahore for a week and i need a car on rent (self Driven)


Cultus 2008 and above


Gli 2008 and above

any idea on whats the market rate for these cars from a reliable rent a car....

and what document will be required other then my drivers license...

I had the option of sending my car from Karachi to Lahore in a trailer which would cost me 14k for the round trip but decided against it

Why don't you travel in your car from Karachi to Lahore?

^ not an option...

People traveling with me cant bear the 18 hour journey

I think it'll be a nice and secure option for you send your car and come here via air

I am coming by air.....

jutt need a car on rent in Lahore for a week....

what type of car you need ?

[quote=“armada, post:6, topic:14613”]

what type of car you need ?


He mentioned in the orginal post.


Why don’t you come here and find some dealer and make a deal face to face, there are hundreds of car rental shops here… I would suggest to hire a car with driver, you will have no responsibility then. Lahore traffic is different than Karachi.

Don’t go for cultus as it is too hot these days in Lahore. The A/C of cultus is poor, that is a know fact :D

Last month I used Sunfort Hotel rent a car service,its pretty good.The rates are Rs200/hour+Rs15 per KM.

@ Ijaz

as in worse then Karachi or better then Karachi...

True Cultus AC is average... but the small car can be maneuvered around in traffic...

4 passengers including me so chauffeur is out of question

I have spoken to a friend in Lahore Getting an XLI 2008 for RS/- 2000 per day without chauffeur

for one week RS/- 13000

the best thing is i dont have to reserve the car.. once i reach Lahore the car will be made available....

You may have to give evidences of your Lahore relatives if you have any otherwise it'll be very hard to find self driven rental cars (just confirmed my lori friend)

Nop dont have any relatives in Lahore...

but its not an issue the friend arranging the car, will vouch for me...

then good luck and have a safe drive

^thank you