Renewing passport

Does anybody know if we can renew passport from NADRA swift registration centers in Karachi?

There is one NADRA office at Makro Star Gate Karachi but I am not sure if you can renew passport there. Or you have to go to passport office, one of which is at Awami Markez and other in Saddar!?

And what would be renewal fees?

For passport renewal you would have to go to your relevant passport office. If you live in north then go to civic center one. If you live in south then go to Saddar one. Renewal fees for regular passport is 3000. But I would recommend that you go for urgent as they are delaying it a lot.

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It can't be done in nadra swift registration centers

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in addition to mathbatra

urgent costs 5k and if you are lucky then you can collect it after 5 working days go for it

Yaar I really dread going to passport office as you know it takes a lot of time plus khoaari standing in line. So that means I will have to tolerate this khoaari no matter what.

get there early as much as you could then hopefully you can avoid khoaari

if you travel a lot then must apply for 100x page passport it will increase the time span in between your next khoaari

As suggested by Armada get there early like by 8.45 and have your bank challan already filled before the bank opens. If u can get the fees submitted quickly u can save a lot of khuwari.

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I had planned on going today but I realized today is Saturday so I might go on Monday.

Well. I think the passport office is not open on Saturday. Also i heard condition is not good in saddar. So u better not go.

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Here is passport renewal procedure as I went there (Awami Markaz branch) today. For new passport procedure is same only the documents required are different.

1. Photocopy the first two pages (when the booklet is opened so basically there are 4 pages if you count individually)) of your passport along with CNIC.

2. Take your old passport and CNIC with you.

3. Go there by 8:45 because at around 9:00 the bank will open. So once you go there, go directly to National Bank and fill out challan form.

4. For normal, use white color form, fees is Rs.3000 and for urgent, use green color form, fees is Rs.5000

5. Once you have filled out challan form, staple passport copy with CNIC and challan form and then go to passport office which is on ground floor of Awami Markaz.

6. There will be a long queue there (might be smaller depending on how early you go).

7. Once your turn arrives you will be taken inside where you will follow these steps:

a. Get your picture taken from photo booth and they will give you token number

b. Now in front of that booth there will be 3, 4 counters for Data Entry. They have screens in front of them displaying token numbers. When your turn comes go to respective data entry counter.

c. After data entry go to Biometrics counter (again look for number on screen)

d. After Biometrics go to "BL Counter". It doesn't have any screen so just go there as soon as you are finished with Biometrics.

e. Lastly go to Assistant Director counter (again look for your number on screen) where he will finally stamp "Cancelled" on your old passport and give receipt.

That's it. I reached there at around 8:50 and I was out of passport office at exactly 11:32.

Congrats. :-)

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congrats , Throw a party now ;-)

;) پہلے وہ کام تو ہو جاےَ جس کے لیے رینیو کروایا ہے


I went through this trouble today regarding my passport, so I share my experience.

My NIC has Lahore address (permenant and temporary), the passport clerk informed me that I would need to go to lahore for my passport renewed. :(

Solution: Went to NADRA got my temporary address changed to my current city. Now waiting for the new NIC and will apply for the passport from current city.

I finally got my passport about a week ago. It took around 2.5 months for a regular passport.

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Since time for regular passport is 3 months and you got it around 2.5, do you think I will be able to receive passport earlier than 15 days in case of urgent? I have applied for urgent passport which they say will come in 15 days.

Well actually time was 60 days as per the token that was given by them. Urgent is taking around 15-20 days from what I hear.

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we are three here who has applied for renew passports recently , me too :P

i applied at 30-Dec last year for urgent passport they gave me 15 working days to collect

chiknay where are you going? :D

I applied on 24 Dec 2012 and also got 15 working days to collect.

insha'Allah will go to umra


I am also going to Saudia for job.