Removing the traces of previous antivirus?

when I install KASPERSKY,it gives the message that traces of avast is found on your computer and setup finishes!!!

i have unistalled long ago!!!what should i do???

thats what i did.

for XP..i am assuming you have windows on C: drive. 1st of all go to my computer then tools then folder options then view and enable "show hidden files and folders" THEN

go to C: then Documents and settings, then [username] then application data find the avast folder(s) and delete it .

(just to make sure)also go to c:__documents and settings__[username]__local settings__application data and then find a folder named avast and delete it.

it will solve your problem but somehow if it don't then (in addition to above method) download/install a software called regcure and run it and fix the problems.

the manual didnt work..I didnt finf the folder named AVAST there..

lets c whether software works!!!!

i also want to asy that i use NOD32 nad i temporarily disabled it while installing KASPERSKY!!!but it shows message about only AVAST to remove it!!!

you got 2 antivirus software running at the same time, it doesn't matter if you temp. disabled the one. uninstall kaspersky, nod32 is much better. much much better. i used to have kaspersky but now i also have nod32. version

the problem is solved!!!

followed the instructions for removing the software AVAST from their site www, and the problem is solved!!!thanks for help

Just wana know why u wana change antivirus,isnt avast good?I m using avast 4som months&i like it much i had b4 AVG but that didnt catch viruses.Kasperski z strong but slow&heavy.

CCleaner oR regedit method